Posted: November 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

I smiled to myself when I thought of us human beings and the choices that we make at times. I guess at times it is because we can predict the next minute but not the future. Wanting and will to take shortcuts just to meet our desire.

Well! I, at times, make choices because I shall gain the joy and satisfaction that will be yielded at the particular moment (at times not a minute longer and I don’t think of the effects). I have prayed and there seems to be nothing forthcoming. Our higher Being (God) has a reason as to why some things wont be granted as requested. It is like parents, they will not always run to give us all that we ask for despite how much we plead. The request may seem so important to your life at the particular moment but they may know better and know that it shall not kill us.

Maybe waiting a little longer means enjoying it eternity. So when it doesn’t happen don’t let it break you but enjoy each moment and Know that He is working on it, He is putting it all in place. It will not only make you happy and fulfilled for that moment but it will have a positive effect to those around us.

As we live this day know someone is working to fulfil your desires.

Have a Blessed day

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