Posted: December 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

It was Sunday morning, the plan was to attend the first mass but the last two weeks have been long and waking up at the intended time was tricky. I woke-up at about 8am, too late for the first mass while the second one was fifteen minutes away from beginning. The only choice I had been left with was to attend the third mass.

I couldn’t leave bed and as I was thinking of how late it was I realise that I don’t have so much time before the third mass begins. I rush to the shower as I think of what to wear.  As I get out of the shower I get a call. A call that always brightens up my days. I didn’t speak to him last evening and a few words shared with him will definitely brighten up my day.

The conversation lasts longer than a few minutes and when I look at the clock its a minute to nine and I should be leaving. I have to hang up rush to do the few things I need to do before leaving.

I whisper a prayer “please God let me get a matatu that will be express to Karen!”

I can hardly decide what to wear which needs to be done soon, top and pair of black pants always works, I settle for that.

I rush to the stage and I board the first matatu that stops at the stage.

” can you just do something to ensure that the mass doesn’t start before I get there?” I pray and immediately these words come out of my mind I can’t believe that I just prayed that. ‘Did I just pray for the Mass to start late?” I ask myself. If this was to happen the train of lateness that would follow and the number of cancellations and apologizes that would have to follow would be numerous from all the people who will be attending this mass. The matatu seems to be taking a lifetime to get full and there is so little (if anything) I can do.

Think of the prayers that we present to our heavenly Father at times, some of which may be harmful to others to the point of them losing their jobs or their life or even a day just so that our plans and ways can fit in and we be comfortable.

There are many times we present prayers which get a negative response/ request not being granted ( like my Sunday morning prayer) may be it is due to the number of people that may be negatively affected if the is granted or because we already had the solution and a way of ensuring that all works out well.

The next time we make a prayer may it be for all our good and the good of those around us. Our lords prayer may be a good way to go and honesty to him to guide us when we are not able to present them to Him.

Next time I will ensure that I spend my morning time wisely so that I don’t end up making another selfish prayer.

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