The side chick brings flavor into the marriage

Posted: February 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Today I heard someone say that 95% of married men and women have a mpango wa kando. I wonder how true this is and if it has been proven.

“a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife and the two will become one flesh…”

“…in good times and in bad times, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, to love and to hold till death do us part… let what God has put together no man pull asunder…”

A vow that every girl looks forward to exchanging with her prince charming in the presence of family, friends and of course Exs. To the man, a woman places her life, trust, future and dreams. We believe that our future will be brighter and that, together we shall be one. The man, he promises to take care of her, to love and respect her, to cherish, provide, protect, lead and forever make her his queen. We swear and have sworn to spend the rest our life together. Together in love and respect. We celebrate, rejoice and the couple is to live happily ever after with mountains so high, valleys so low, hills so steep, plateaus so plain within this awesome institution of marriage. At least that is what is expected or suppose to happen though no one really mentions that last bit of mountains, hills, plateaus and valleys. But we still live and let live.

95%! What! Is this institution so harsh, unbearable or has it changed with time or is it that we are no longer taking it seriously and giving it the respect it deserves. A married woman will proudly say that she has a side dude and she is happy with him because he is “saving her marriage”. While the guy will say that he is a guy and has to have a side chick. Someone who makes him feel young and alive. The side chick will say that the guy loves her and she ain’t ready to settle down and she is comfortable with the agreement but really! I listen to them go on and on about this. And I wonder to myself; how? why? and when?

Marriage is a holy institution between a man and a woman. After sometime comes children or not (and it doesn’t have to be in this order). It is between the two adults and not plus one on the side. A third party makes it a crowd.

AIDS, STIs, pregnancy, emotional and society damage! doesnt anyone go through this or care about it? I will side with Maina and say,”if you ain’t happy in your marriage then up and leave”. You may say that you are staying for the children but you are doing more damage than you know. Children are very wise and keen, trust me they can see and know what is going on. When they are all grownup, respect will be thrown out of the widow or worse they will do worse than you are doing. You shall truly eat the fruits of your labor.

Any person who is married is married out of choice. Before you say anything, yes there are those who are focused into the union and can’t get out but you still have a choice; be happy in it or die trying.

Have some respect if not for yourself for your marriage and your children. Side chick / dude don’t you get lonely at night, get tired of always been last on his list, spending christmas alone or any other holiday, that he is somebody elses man/ woman! And he is never going to leave her for you.

You both promised to work together (whether it was in church or not) and be one even in moments when its impossible to be. Some respect and dignity guys. Side chick brings in some flavor!!!

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