My nursery school teacher was a devil

Posted: February 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

Don’t get me wrong. Who is a devil?  According to the bible its one who comes to kill, steal and destroy while in short this is what she did me or us. I know my story not of my kindergarten mates. You see the thing about children is that, they see things as either black or white there isn’t a middle/ gray area for them. So when it comes to parenting practise what you preach (don’t say one thing and do another) to avoid confusing children. Always explain why something is bad or wrong not leaving it at because mom or dad says so.

Am not very sure how many of you can remember your first years in school i.e. between age 3-10yrs. Unlike most people in my generation I started school at the age of two. I must have been the most excited child on the first day of school. I didn’t know what to expect, all I knew was that people leave home in the morning and only come back later during the day. My elder sisters were in school and I think mom figured I was getting bored during the day and school was a good way of keeping me occupied. The most I can remember is that I barely got bored, I was 2yrs old and all that I ever thought of was; play, play, play, shower, sleep, disturb when it was eating time and play some more. Oh! and make trouble when opportunity arose or I just went looking for it. It must have been during one of these days that I fell inside a tank full of water and ended up having a couple of stitches. After this incident I was guarded like a tomb but still got into trouble and plenty of stitches but you can’t see them now, unless you look very closely.

Anyway my teacher being a devil, she stole, killed and destroyed my terrible twos and made it horrible. I enjoyed going to school and especially the great company of one of my young uncles. We walked to and from school with him. There was no way in hell he would go to school without me and I think we also walked back home together in the company of more friends.

I hated eating with all my soul and heart. I got serious beating for this even from my grandfather. My teacher didn’t make it any better. Eating time was always a disaster for me. Anyway, I still struggle sometimes but not as much as before. I never looked forward to eating unless it was junk food like fries and cake… Because of this I think my teacher had to sit with me till I finished my food.  We all used to carry packed lunch and at lunch break the teacher would ask us to remove our food and spoons, we pray and start eating (Oh! thats’ after she had warmed the food). I remember always been left in class after all the other students had finished their food. So my teacher would come and seat with me reminding me to bite, chew and swallow. That must have been some work for her. And her patience was very wanting for someone working with children. I don’t understand why I was always packed for so much food ( am sure of 2 things; it was either always a lot or my appetite was that bad). She went on and on reminding me to bite, chew, swallow. I was getting too full and began feeling nauseated and oh no! I really needed to let it all out. The teacher just put the plate in front of me and asked me to go ahead. This looked like freedom from eating for the day, so I thought. Only to finish unleashing all that was in the system and she tells me to continue eating. And in my head am thinking, ‘wait a minute woman! I just vomited in that food and you are asking me to eat it?’ I remember after this first experience school avoidance kicked in. I had stomach aches every other day, headaches and anything else that could keep me out of school. (P.S. Parents when your child is always getting sick in the morning especially on school days and not any other day, you need to check if there is something unpleasant happening in school. They may be getting bullied or they may feel that the teachers are too harsh, homework not done or the particular school environment isn’t suitable for them or they are being mistreated in school. Please just check you will be grateful that you did).

This went on for awhile and I kept telling my mom. Am not certain what my mom’s response was every time I told but the following year I was in a different school. I sat for my Kenya Primary Certificate Examination in that school. I was so excited that I was going to a new school that when mom brought home my new complete school uniform, shoes and a bag, I slept in my new school uniform, shoes and the bag on my back just incase things were to change in the morning and I was asked to go to the horrible school.

That was just how my 2yr old brain thought then…

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