Her unfilled worth

Posted: February 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

What is a girls worth? What is a girls beauty? Who determines her beauty? Which body type is most beautiful? Is it her brains, her eyes, her hair, her ears, her bosom, her breast, her make up, her legs, her hands, her tummy, her curves or lack of?

She never was told that she was beautiful at home. Never encouraged or cheered on. Her ever effort was met with jeer and laughter, negative sarcasm and it made her believe that she would never amount to anything but be like the other village girls. For the longest time she let it be and accepted that fate had its way. It took her tooth and nail to fight and prove the rest otherwise. She did not even know that she had strength such as that. But she fought hard and strong and she made a few things work not knowing that there would ever work or ever achieve it. She had strength that she never thought that she had. She realized that she never needed anyone to approve of her but herself and true she discovered an inner strength and capability unknown to her.

But somewhere along the way what she had worked so hard for was lost. She is trying to find her way back but it seems to have been blocked, covered with fallen trees of hope, bushes of despair, floods of tears and sorrow, fires of burnt dreams, heartache. But she knows she has the strength somewhere deep within. She doesn’t know where to begin and even how to begin but she has it. She fears the end being a fruitless fight but has to still fight. She is sure of where her beauty and strength are, where her willpower disappeared to but she has to once again ignite the fire.

The journey may be harder but it has to begin and has to be travelled. The heartache and pain of fighting will be dealt with later and if shall be.

Life is too short. She needs to live it as hers.


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